Dr. Andrei Sharonov

Dear Friends and Colleagues, 
I hope you are reading this report in good health and spirits. 
As many organizations and societies around the world are going through unprecedented challenges due to the coronavirus crisis, the role of the forward-looking educational institutions and independent stakeholder dialog platforms, just like the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, is getting increasingly important. Our daily job is to develop ideas, guide reflections and facilitate public debate on the most pressing issues of the leadership agenda of today and tomorrow. 
An increasingly VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) environment reminds us of the greater importance of looking at the longer-term perspective beyond business- as-usual. Seeing the bigger picture enables leaders to navigate multiple uncertainties and better shape strategies and policies for a more sustainable future and building and using scenarios is the first step towards getting the future under control. 
I am very pleased to introduce you to the Arctic-2050 report which explores alternative futures for the Arctic region and tipping points that leaders need to pay attention to. 
As Russia is holding the chairmanship for the second time in 2021-2023 of the Arctic Council, this report comes at the right time. Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO has already 
produced a series of publications focused on the current state of the Arctic, its opportunities and challenges that key players are facing today. This Arctic-2050 report presents alternatives and plausible scenarios for the Arctic region that leaders need to think about as they progress towards shaping a more sustainable future. 
The report is informed by a series of deep-dive interviews and experts’ brainstorming sessions. It aims to find common ground for strategic dialogue and the joint actions of diverse stakeholders – businesses, governments, cities, academia, NGOs, and international organization – to help them tap into new opportunities that emerge in the region while preserving the local environment and enhancing social development. 
This work would never be possible without continuing support and inspiration from our long- term strategic partner – EY. For this work, we also joined forces with the leading international experts on Arctic from Nord University Business School, Bodo, Norway. Together, this helped us to make this work truly international and multi- dimensional, just as the Arctic is itself. 
Please visit arctic2050.info for more insights into the future of the Arctic. 

Dr. Andrei Sharonov President Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO